Thursday, August 13, 2009

here's the thing.

that last post didn't get posted til after the rehearsal that i was talking about because blogger was all messed up.
so, the read through with full cast was great. enjoyed hearing the many talented voices that are contributing to this project.

before we read the play, kevin played us a song that was pretty intense. i didn't get the artist.

also, found out that i'm going to be wearing a leather sweater type of garment. gonna be hot. no, i mean, lit-trilly...hawt.

here's a question. what does it take to inspire someone?

update: the song is called ARES by the group BLOC PARTY


Blogger melissa said...

BLOC PARTY is awesome. engle turned me on to them. we can burn you a cd if'n you like. we're seeing you crazy fools on sat night. break legs!

11:22 AM  

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