Wednesday, August 26, 2009


ahh crap. i fell asleep. what day is it?

you mean i went a whole week without posting?!? Again?!?


so sorry for the gap. i'm really trying to get better.
no, really.'s the haps. we did some really great work on the show over the weekend. breaking down some of the scenes and putting them back together. but this time...faster. stronger. this show is truly shaping up to be a lean mean comedy machine that kicks you in the groin and i can't wait to start playing on the set that anders and judy are cooking up. it's gonna be a lot of fun. yeah, like a whole lot.

on the flip side, i got the three way switches for the basement stairs installed so you can turn on the light at the top and the bottom which makes things a lot easier when it's dark and scary down there.

we were going to go see inglorious basterds but decided to watch the bears preseason instead. they are looking good. i'm excited about this culter fella. and iglesias had a nice catch. actually there were quite a few nice catches. i'm getting excited for some football.

last thing...then i'll go.

kyle's basement is now Variety Underground. going to have some new faces playing and it's going to be great. october 17th. put it on your calendars.



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