Saturday, September 05, 2009


This summer has been great.
I started riding my bike a lot more than ever. Using it instead of the car to go to the grocery store or hardware store or to the theatre. Then I started having trouble with the rear derailleur and so took it in to get it checked out. Ended up having to replace the cassette, get a new chain, a new derailleur and a full tune up.
Everything is working fine now.
And then, wouldn't you know it? The CAR has issues.
I waited to take the car in cause I knew it was gonna cost money but lo and behold I get a flat tire. What was particularly annoying about this flat tire though was that I had a spare but no jack. So I had to get one of those fix-a-flat cans that you spray into your tire to give it just enough to hobble over to a gas station to put some more air in it. What a mess.
So I finally take the car in and they replace the tire and it's gonna cost an arm (no leg, just an arm) to have the front alignment fixed so that it'll stop having these issues.
During all this I realize my CTA card is cracked and doesn't work properly so I need a new card for taking public transportation.


the sole of my boot is coming off.

So, to sum up... all the way around (Car, Bike, Public Transport, Feet) it has been a challenging summer as far as transportation goes.

But seriously, this summer has been great.


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